Magihouse is an organic Farm located in Cammarata (Central Sicily), in the province of Agrigento, in a little valley called “Valle dell’Inferno” on a hilly area (about 300 m asl).

The microclimate conditions gives rise to its name “Inferno Valley”; hot during the day and cold at night (delta in the Summer is about 24 degrees). These extremes of temperature amplified by the seasons trend (time record of last years is 44°C, -4°C) enhance the level of biophenols and the aromatic components in the olives. The soil is rich in sandstones and it has evolved from blue clays and the Numidian Flysch, dated 20 Mya.

The small farm covers about 5 hectares and include fields of wheat, olives, grapes, pears, citrus fruits, tomato and vegetables.  The olive grove is extended 5000 sqm, the trees are aged from 10 to 300 y and important Sicilian heritage varieties such as Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Moresca, Nocellara del Belice Nocellara Etnea, Passulunara, Tonda Iblea, are present. The estate is served by a sub irrigation which feed the trees using pristine water from the Sicani Mountains through the Lake Fanaco waterworks.

Olives are picked by hand in early October during veraison when are richer in phenols compounds. The harvest is carried during the fresh hours and olives are moved to the mill within few hours using small baskets. The pressing system is continuous “two-stage” using a cold extraction system. The production in oil is comprised by a min of 300 and a max 1200 liters. The oil is stored using stainless steel containers in controlled atmosphere and temperature. For the bottling are mainly used 250 ml dark bottles (8.79 fl. oz.).

It is indeed here in Sicily – in the little valley where the magic happens – that an excellent extra virgin olive oil with an intense green fruitiness is produced. Its medium-high bitterness and mostly pungency bestows a flavor of tomato, artichoke and grasses. It is well balanced and consistent with a delicate secondary aromas of apple, almond and exotic fruits.

This delectable extra virgin olive oil, estate grown, is suitable for a variety of delicious dishes. It will enhance any meal, ideal with salads, vegetables, soups and especially carpaccio, tartare of fish and meat.