Valle dell’Inferno Heirloom Selection 3 L Bag in Box


Category: Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Cultivars: Iblea, Carolea, Cerasuola.

Main traits:  This Heirloom selection exclusively embraces the olive grove estate where important varieties tipic of the South Italy heritage are present.. Its medium high fruiteness, bitterness and mostly pungency bestows a flavor of grass, leaf, exotic fruits, apple and aromatic herbs.

Recomendation: Keep away from the light and heat. Ideal preservation temp. 16°-18°C



The Heirloom selection is produced exclusively from olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours, coming from about 200 old plants of Tonda Iblea, Carolea and Cerasuola.

Currently, about 1000 liter/year are produced in limited edition of 3 L Bag in Box.

It is a superior category oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

It is cold extracted, in compliance with the limits of the legislation (27 ° C) without adding process water to prevent the washout of the water-soluble fraction which contains many health-promoting substances such as squalene, phytosterols and polyphenols, among which hydroxytyrosol stands out. These latter components represent the noblest and most valuable part of extra virgin olive oil and are perceived on the palate with bitter and spicy sensations and on the nose with the scent of olive.

Valle dell’Inferno Heirloom selection  is a balanced oil with a green fruitiness with high bitterness and spicy. It is ideal raw on salads, soups, carpaccio and tartare of fish and meat.

We hope you enjoy it and be accompanied by a path of growth sensory and healthy.

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Peso3.4 kg
Dimensioni20 × 27 × 29 cm


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